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2019 Survey – October 2020

In October 2020, Klesis released the Survey Report of the 2019 survey of non-denominational Churches of Christ in Australia. This marks the 35th year of surveys, with the first taking place in 1984. We believe maintaining the collection of this data is important and hope to repeat the survey every five years or so. Such data is useful for various purposes, including for those interested in church plantings and those interested in our history. We pray that it can also help inform conversations around church growth.

The survey asks three simple questions of each congregation: the number of members; average Sunday attendance; and the number of baptisms over the previous 12 months. The figures relate to the month of October in the year of the survey. 

The Survey Report of the 2019 survey is in two parts:  


  • Part Two of the Survey Report contains a more detailed analysis of the results, including information on the size of churches in rural and urban areas, major cities, and states & territories. Importantly, it provides details on changes in the size of churches from 2013 to 2019 along with some key questions resulting from the changes.


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