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Intensive Bible courses to further equip Christians for everyday discipleship.
KlesisEquip Courses

These courses help Christians study the Bible in greater depth in order to know God better and love him more. We offer live online Zoom courses and in-person classes to make them accessible and affordable. The goal is to help Christians become better equipped for everyday discipleship, teaching, and practical ministry in their churches and communities.


KlesisEquip courses are taught by instructors who are mature Bible teachers with long experience of walking with Jesus. All are faithful Christian leaders with recognised academic qualifications. While Klesis is not accredited, our courses are biblically grounded, theologically informed, and practice orientated.


Christians and Careers: Integrating daily work into our walk of faith - Benny Tabalujan

August 2024
4 classes @ 2 hrs each
Tuesday evenings,
7.00-9.00 pm

Exploring 1 Corinthians: Life and challenges in the body of Christ - Keith Gant

October – November 2024
8 classes @ 2 hrs each
Thursday mornings,
9.30-11.30 am
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