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Renewal Through Restoration: An uncommon call to Christian discipleship is the latest Klesis book. In it, four current and former church elders call for spiritual renewal through restoring the faith, practices, and ethos of the earliest Christians. Written by Benny Tabalujan in conversational style (with contributions from Allan McNicol, Steve Wilson, and Everett Ferguson), the book highlights the narrow path of discipleship in our contemporary world.

“Read it if you grew up among Churches of Christ and are seeking to understand why you should stay.”

Nathan Wilson, youth leader, The Point Church, Brisbane

230 pages, ISBN 978-0-6451325-0-2.
Available in Ebook format ( and paperback print format.


Price: AUD$22.99 (including GST) per print copy. 

For discount pricing on bulk orders of 2 or more print copies sent to a single address, order through Klesis.

Airmailing parcels overseas during the pandemic has become expensive. If you are ordering from countries other than Australia, NZ, Singapore, Malaysia or USA, please email Klesis first to obtain an estimate of airmail & handling costs.


God on Monday: Reflections on Christians @ Work was first released in 2005 and was shortlisted for the 2006 Australian Christian Book of the Year award. In this readable volume, Benny Tabalujan reflects on how Christians can integrate daily work into their walk of faith. Klesis is updating this book for its second edition – which should be available by June '22.

“A marvellous book on the integration of faith

and work…well-researched and profoundly biblical.”            
R. Paul Stevens, Emeritus Professor of Marketplace Theology & Leadership, Regent College, Canada


179 pages, paperback print format. ISBN 0-9758378-0-X.  Currently out-of-print.


These attractive posters are custom-designed for Klesis by Heather Cox, a Christian graphic artist based in Coffs Harbour, NSW. They incorporate Scripture texts in elegant styles. Each poster is in high resolution PDF format and comes in 3 sizes: postcard size, A4 size, and A3 size. They can be printed at your location for church members, Bible class students, family, and friends. They can be mounted at home as well as in classrooms in your church building.

When framed, they make wonderful presents!

For a one-time flat fee of AUD$5.50 (incl GST),
you can download the PDF file and print as many copies as you wish. As usual, please let us know how you use them – and we’d love to receive your feedback! 

Pamphlets / Tracts

For a limited time, Klesis is making available these tracts for download free of charge. Written by various Christians, they can be printed at your location and used for letterboxing and other forms of outreach. The tracts are in high resolution PDF format ready to print in A4 size.

Do let us know if you use them – and we’d love to receive your feedback!

For a limited time, these tracts can be downloaded free of charge.