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We offer links below for ease of access to various websites associated with non-denominational Churches of Christ globally. These range from Christian universities and colleges, Bible study websites, as well as parachurch and publishing ministries. Uniquely, there isn’t a denominational body or hierarchy which governs all these organisations; nonetheless, there’s a remarkable similarity in and strength of convictions across many of them as they seek to honour God and do his will as they understand it.

Christian universities & colleges

Abilene Christian University, Texas, USA

Amridge University, Alabama, USA
Faulkner University, Alabama, USA
Freed-Hardeman University, Tennessee, USA
Ghana Bible College, Kumasi, Ghana 

Harding University, Arkansas, USA
Heritage Christian College, Accra, Ghana 
Heritage Christian University, Alabama, USA
Lipscomb University, Tennessee, USA
Lubbock Christian University, Texas, USA

Nations University, Louisiana, USA
Oklahoma Christian University, Oklahoma, USA
Pepperdine University, California, USA

Rochester University
York College, Nebraska, USA

Bible & ministry institutions

African Christian Schools Foundation, Tennessee, USA

CCS Center for Christian Studies Texas, USA

Baxter Institute, Tegucigalpa, Honduras  

West Nigeria Christian College, Ogun State, Nigeria  

Bear Valley Bible Institute, Colorado, USA
Harding School of Theology, Tennessee, USA

Nairobi Great Commission School, Nairobi, Kenya

South Pacific Bible College, Tauranga, New Zealand 
Sunset International Bible Institute, Texas, USA

West Nigeria Christian College, Ogun, Nigeria

Bread for a Hungry World, Texas, USA
Caring for Kenya, Illinois, USA
Churches of Christ Disaster Relief, Tennessee, USA 
Christian Relief Fund, Texas, USA
Global Samaritan Resources, Texas, USA 
Health Talents International, Alabama, USA
Helping Hands International, Tennessee, USA
Hope for Haiti’s Children, Ohio, USA
IHCF African Christian Hospitals, Arkansas, USA
Lamia-Afghan Foundation
Malawi Project, Indiana, USA
Mission Lazarus, Tennessee, USA
Partners in Progress, Arkansas, USA
WFR Relief Ministries

Publications and News

21st Century Christian, Tennessee, USA
Apologetics Press, Alabama, USA
Christian Chronicle, Oklahoma, USA
Christian Courier, USA
Christian Studies, Texas, USA
Christian Worker, England, UK
Gospel Advocate, Tennessee, USA 
InterSections, Victoria, Australia

Restoration Quarterly, Texas,USA

Parachurch Ministries
ACCET Australian Churches of Christ Evangelistic Trust, NSW, Australia 
Bell Trust, Texas, USA
Eastern European Mission, Texas, USA
Global Christian Studies
Great Cities Missions, Texas, USA 
Heartlight, Texas, USA
Herald of Truth, Texas, USA
Klesis Institute, Victoria, Australia
Missions Resource Network, Texas, USA 
World Christian Broadcasting, Tennessee, USA 

Vocal Union 

Bible Study

World Bible School, Texas, USA

Simply Bible, Queensland, Australia  

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