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using God-given gifts

After considering spiritual needs and long-term plans, it’s helpful to consider the resources and tools needed to overcome obstacles and equip us for success.

This section lists people & resources that may help you fulfill your plans and goals.


Two Workshops Available with Jules Cseszkó

• Singing Workshop

• Songleader Workshop

Dear Brethren in the Lord, it is my privilege to serve you, the church, in the following areas:

  • Teaching New Songs

  • A Capella Songleading (inc.Co-ordinating, Organizing)​ for Any Area-Wide Events.

  • Preaching and Teaching about the importance of Singing

  • Music Literacy

  • Part Singing

  • Worship Planning

Contact Jules: 0437 564 179 or 
to discuss the edification of your congregation with singing!
Ask for a program! 

More Tools to come.

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