InterSections Journal

First published in August 2009, InterSections is a quarterly magazine designed to inform, encourage, and unite Christians in Australia seeking to restore New Testament faith and practice. Typically, intersections are places of encounter. Our journal functions like an intersection where followers of Christ meet. By facilitating encounters, we hope the magazine will connect, equip, and help nurture growth among our readers.

InterSections is edited by an editorial team consisting of Benny Tabalujan (editor), Jenny Ancell (managing editor), Nathan Holyoak & Christian Bargholz (associate editors), and Heather Cox (graphics designer). We host interns from time to time. There’s also an advisory board comprising Dale Hartman, Allan McNicol, and David Mowday.


InterSections is published in February, May, August, and November. It’s available in both print and PDF formats. Subscription for the PDF format is free. Subscription for the print format is AUD$27.50 per annum (inclusive of 10% GST) for four issues. InterSections magazine has its own dedicated website which makes available all past issues in PDF format free of charge.