Our tracts are free of charge. You can use them for personal reading as well as evangelistic or teaching purposes. Conveniently available as an A4 trifold in pdf format, they can be downloaded below. Whilst copyright belongs to Klesis, you’re permitted distribute them in soft or hard copy. Space is provided on each tract if you wish to insert your contact details. Let us know how you use these tracts and how effective they’ve been for you. And if you’d like to suggest topics for future tracts, please send us an email.

#KT1 Instant Church – by Brett Christensen
#KT2 Turn Back – by Brett Christensen

Books & booklets

For orders, mailing costs and discounted prices for bulk purchases, please email us.

God on Monday: Reflections on Christians @ Work 
by Benny Tabalujan (179 pages, ISBN: 0-9758378-0-X, 2005)
Price: AUD$19.80 (inclusive of 10% GST) per copy.

This book was shortlisted for the 2006 Australian Christian Book of the Year Awards by the Australian Christian Literature Society

For many Christians, the best portion of our waking hours are spent at work. But how do we integrate daily work into our walk of faith? In this book, Benny Tabalujan draws on more than two decades of experience as a lawyer and educator to reflect on critical issues such as:

• What’s the purpose of work?
• Is the notion of a regular sabbath rest still relevant today?
• How do I juggle the demands of work, family and church?
• Should a Christian be competitive and ambitious?
• Does God call me to a specific career or job?

Moses: Lessons from a Humble Servant
by David Payne (67 pages, 2013)
Price: AUD$5.50 (inclusive of 10% GST) per copy.

Designed specifically for small-group Bible studies, this booklet contains ten lessons from the life of Moses. It contains a note for facilitators and incorporates useful notes for group and individual study. Every lesson is structured consistently and includes an icebreaker, a lesson summary, a copy of the biblical text for the lesson, the key spiritual teachings from the text and a reflective practice for individuals to deepen their relationship with God. Email us for your copy.