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This short course seeks to examine forgiveness and reconciliation from a biblical perspective and will be delivered over four live online sessions via Zoom. 

  • Session #1: Forgiveness and the Character of God – A brief consideration of God as both Giver and For-Giver. 
  • Session #2: Forgiveness and the Atonement – A brief overview of the major theories of the Atonement. How does the crucifixion of Christ relate to God's forgiveness? 
  • Sessions #3 and #4: Forgive as God Forgives – Parts 1 and 2. These sessions will focus on practical applications of the Christian's responsibility to forgive wrong-doers as taught in the Scriptures – addressing biblical expectations, challenges, hindrances, and common misconceptions about forgiveness. 

 Registrations close: Monday, 15 January 2024 (or earlier if all places are filled). 

Forgiveness: Forgive as we have also forgiven others

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