Next Course - The Drama of Scripture

“The Drama of Scripture” course has two objectives.

First, it helps learners to understand God’s message as communicated through Scripture as one unified story that moves purposefully from a beginning to an end. Like a jigsaw puzzle, seeing the big picture of the Bible helps us to identify and locate the smaller pieces so they fit properly in their relation to the whole.


Second, course participants will learn that God’s story becomes “our story” as we join with God to accomplish his redemptive purposes towards all creation. This helps us to comprehend and communicate to others a truly biblical view of the world, the church, and our lives.


The textbook for this course is the book by Craig G. Bartholomew and Michael W. Goheen, The True Story of the World: Finding Your Place in the Biblical Drama (Baker/Faith Alive, 2009). Every participant must purchase their own copy of this text and undertake pre-reading prior to commencement of the course.


Course title:  The Drama of Scripture

Instructor:  Steve Wilson

Medium:  Live Zoom classes (synchronous)

Fee:  AUD$44  (incl. GST)  Course fees are not refundable unless the course is rescheduled or cancelled.

Online booking & payment:

The dates are 5 October – 30 November 2021.
Enquiries to: admin@klesis.com.au

Places are limited, so register and pay on-line before 30 June.
Come and join a group of eager participants keen to know God and his story at a deeper level!